Monday, July 18, 2011

Alarm Llama

1:07 PM
About a month ago, I had to figure out what to with all my ducks (I have eight) and two goslings.  When it became obvious that the inside pen was too small, I put them out with the two adult female ducks and the three chickens and rooster in Sid's pen.  At first, I thought the ducklings would get terrorized by the other fowl, but to my surprise,  the two female ducks, named Millie and Tillie, took to the ducklings well.  They shooed the chickens away from the ducklings and even bit one of the chickens for going after the ducklings.

Sid suddenly had a passel of ducks, chickens and goslings to watch.  Oddly enough, he's taken his job really seriously.   He lets the ducklings and goslings eat from his hay and his grain and is very careful where he steps.

Today, we heard what sounded like a horse neighing.  To our surprise, Sid was making that noise that could only be describe as an alarm bark.  He had rounded the birds behind him next to the barn and kept them in a tight circle to his back and he stopped and alarmed looking out over the forest. 

Neither I nor my husband have ever heard Sid make this noise, so we both decided this was serious and came over to investigate.  We never saw what he was going on about, but we did see bear scat the week before on our property and saw a black bear cub on the state lands. So, a bear might be enough to cause Sid to alert.

So, now I know what a llama alarm bark sounds like.