Poultry Articles

I'd like to share some of the articles I've written about chickens and other fowl with you.  Granted, it's a bit on the chicken-heavy side, but I think you might find some good information about chickens, chicken ownership and chicken care from these articles. 

Chicken Ownership

5 Reasons Why Your Hens Aren't Laying

5 Chicken Breeds You May Not Have Heard Of

16 Reasons for Getting Chickens as Pets

Waiting for that First Egg from Your Chickens

Variations in Silkie Chickens

Urban Chickens on the Cheep, Er, Cheap

Chicken Addiction and the Urban Chicken Owner

Tired of the Same Old Eggs, Try Blue Chocolate, Green or Pink

Chicken Care

Low Cost Ideas for Chicken Nests

Feeding Broiler Chickens

Dusting Chickens for Mites

Chicks and Incubation 

To Incubate -- or Not? Hatching Your Own Chicken Eggs

What to do with those Easter Chicks?


How to Build an Outdoor Free-Range Shelter for Turkeys


Feeding Wild Ducks