Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Llamas Versus Geese

9:20 PM
"What is that?"
Today I decided to put the geese out with the llamas.  Not because I was bored or the geese needed to go out, but more because I figured it would give them both something to do.  I'd like to put some of my birds out with the llamas and the geese were probably the safest with them until the llamas got used to the birds.

What I didn't count on was the amusement factor.  I took some photos once I saw that they were truly amazed at each other.

"What Weird Critters Did You Bring?"

Sid thinks they're llama-eating space aliens

The llamas discuss their options

"Do you really think they eat llamas?"

"We think they're velocipraptors"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rain, Chicks and Egg Eaters

11:30 PM
Sigh, it's raining.  Not that I mind the rain, but in some ways I prefer either rain or snow, but not both.  Both equals ice, which makes life interesting.  Okay, not interesting.  How about dangerous?

Naturally after I bought the Welsummer and Buff Orpington chicks, I get an email from a hatchery saying they have (gasp!) the elusive Barnevelders.  I lost my mind and ordered 15 chicks.  They warned me that they will come with "packing peanuts," that is, a name for unwanted cockerels.  Basically, I figure by the time I get both groups of birds, I will have 50 chicks.  OMG.

The good news is that the roosters will go to freezer camp.  I've got two that have to go and probably two ducks who aren't laying eggs.  (No eggs and no good for breeding?  Well, their days are pretty much numbered).

The calm pen now has an egg eater.  I discovered this because I saw two eggs in a nest box before I left for town and found no eggs, but did find the remains of three shells.  So, I have to look for the culprit and separate them for a few days.  Then, I will have to try to put them back and then if that doesn't work, off to freezer camp.  My worry is if they all start doing it.  If they do, they pretty much are gone.  Which is very annoying because I like these chickens.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

No Self Control

11:04 PM
Today I took some money I had and ordered chickens/geese/turkeys/ducks for spring.

I am hopeless. 

I got some buff orpingtons, welsummers, turkeys, goslings and ducks.

I'm hoping I got some cool turkeys.  I really like the turkey personality.  I'm hoping for some good layer ducks too, but this is more or less the bargain order so I'm hoping that the bargain birds are fun.  It'll be fun to figure out what breed they are.

Normally I wouldn't do this with chicks, but I'm pretty sure that the mix will be just fine.  I wanted to replace the buffs I lost and get some more chocolate egg layers in.  I'm good with the Easter Eggers.  The one little EE cockerel who survived is a pistol.  He is constantly searching for things to get into and get out of.  He tries to get out of the pen when I show up and struts in front of the big birds like he's something special.  What a hoot!