Thursday, December 23, 2010

Llamas Need Your Help!

Since it's pretty much in the news, I guess I can say that the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary and Rescue is disbanding due to lack of funds.  It was a gigantic sanctuary which took animals in, mostly llamas, and did not adopt out animals.  As a result, when they lost funding from two major sponsors, they had more than 1200 animals to feed, of which are about 800 llamas. Yeah, it's a real mess.

There has been some allegations of neglect (I've seen donkeys on the news with severely overgrown hooves ), but I don't know what sort of condition the animals are in, so I'm assuming it's probably mixed.  Right now, the problem is feeding the animals, which Animeals is doing.  You can check in about the situation and donate to: Animeals

On that site are application forms for adopting animals or you can go here and fill an application out.   There are a lot, so consider tossing an application that way if you can adopt an animal.  As I said, there are a lot of animals and the winter up here is pretty severe for this time of the year.  You're welcome to repost this.

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