Saturday, January 15, 2011

On My Soapbox

Today I went into town because I got a handle on a free scale to do weight measurements for my latest project: soapmaking.  I got the idea to make soap when I noticed I had a lot of venison fat I collected for the sled dogs.  Venison fat makes exceptional soap.  But seeing as I can't get it except during hunting season, I've got to at least learn how to make soap, and that requires some kind of fat and oil. 

Beef tallow is readily abundant and probably the closest analogue, even though deer fat has a higher melting point.  That was ridiculously easy to get, so the next problem I had was a scale.  I decided to ask the good folks on the Missoula Freecycle and one fellow came up with an outdated electronic postage scale.  I picked that up today.

I had promised the guys at the warehouse where I got the shavings for my animals that I would pick up the bags.  I was looking around and found the perfect wood there for soap molds: an old column from a house that was missing a side.  The guys are hooked on my chicken eggs and without any persuasion, they cut the soap boxes down and even cut the backs and fronts for me to nail.  I got all of it at an excellent price and now I don't have to pester my husband to make them.  What's more, one of the guys is married and his wife does essential oils.  She's hooked on my chickens' eggs too.  I owe these guys eggs. The chickens had better get laying.

As if that wasn't good enough, I found organic coconut and palm oil at my grocery store as well as organic essential oils on sale.  Wow. 

Tomorrow is soap day.  If this really works out, I may be selling some.

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