Monday, February 21, 2011

Llamas, Shiners and Other Idiotic Things

I got back from a Science Fiction convention and was pretty excited to see all my critters, including the llamas.  I have a terrible feeling that my disappearance for a few days made the llamas antsy.  So, Sid and Nick were behaving like total buttheads.  I caught Sid and was going to pet him when he dodged and I moved forward at the same time he did.  The resultant thwack sent a shockwave that can only be described as nasty.

The good news is that I never hit the ground.  It hurt like hell and I remember shouting and more or less hanging onto Sid.  We were both pretty stressed out and after several minutes, I gathered the eggs, stomped back into the house and started making phone calls.  I tried to get hold of my husband (failed for various reasons) and my neighbor who is an emergency flight for life nurse (she wasn't there either).  However, as I was looking at myself in the mirror, applying ice and wondering if I should go to the emergency room, my neighbor calls and offers to come up and inspect.

The good news is I most likely don't have a concussion and the bone that got hit was actually one of the tougher bones in the skull.  I missed the temple by an inch and impacted the orbital ridge.  So, I have a shiner and I look and feel awful, but I will live.  She called and checked on me later tonight and if I had really hurt myself, she would drive me to the emergency room.  So, tonight I am resting and feeling really stupid.

After she checked up on me, we went down to the barn and Sid and I made up.  Sid put his head close to mine and let me catch him and I petted him.  We both decided it was way too much excitement for one day.

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