Thursday, March 3, 2011

No Self Control

Today I took some money I had and ordered chickens/geese/turkeys/ducks for spring.

I am hopeless. 

I got some buff orpingtons, welsummers, turkeys, goslings and ducks.

I'm hoping I got some cool turkeys.  I really like the turkey personality.  I'm hoping for some good layer ducks too, but this is more or less the bargain order so I'm hoping that the bargain birds are fun.  It'll be fun to figure out what breed they are.

Normally I wouldn't do this with chicks, but I'm pretty sure that the mix will be just fine.  I wanted to replace the buffs I lost and get some more chocolate egg layers in.  I'm good with the Easter Eggers.  The one little EE cockerel who survived is a pistol.  He is constantly searching for things to get into and get out of.  He tries to get out of the pen when I show up and struts in front of the big birds like he's something special.  What a hoot!

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  1. Spring...always the eternal quest for more poultry! EE roosters can be a lot of fun. The one we had was a good rooster...didn't harass the girls too much, was really good at scratching up bugs and worms to share with his ladies, didn't get aggressive with humans, liked following us around to see if we'd kick up some good yummy bugs...a good rooster.