Monday, April 18, 2011

Llamas on the Lam

Sid After Capture
I've been sick lately and have been behind on work.  Today, I got further behind. Once again, the llamas prove to be troublemakers.  My neighbors drove up and told me that my llamas had escaped from the pen while I was on the phone to my husband.  I ran partway up the hill to see Sid go blazing across the BLM road above my land and see Nick climbing the talus field. I climb up to try to get him, but I have slippers on and no harness.  I trek back down.

Nick after capture
I went back inside and got my hiking shoes on because slippers are only good for hunting.  I went down to the barn and got the halters and ropes and came out, figuring I was going to have to drive to find them.  My neighbors, W and D, had spotted Nick on the talus field not moving.  At first, I thought maybe I'd leave him there and look for Sid, but when you have a llama in the talus, you should probably go and get him.  D had managed to get to Nick on the talus, despite the rocks and held him for me to climb up and amazingly not break my leg doing so.  I put a halter on Nick and walked and slid down on my butt to the back trail.  One llama caught, I tied him to a tree in my backyard where he could get grass and went back to get Sid.  By the time I got back, they shouted that Sid was running down the hill.  To my surprise, here comes a llama at full gallop.  I go to meet him and he decides he wants to leap down the hill.  W and D follow my orders and surround him with me and W catches Sid.  I put a halter on him and walk him back down.

So, I thanked my neighbors profusely, including the neighbor up on the BLM road who I never even saw but who shouted and chased Sid back onto our property.  Sid looks extraordinarily pleased with himself in the photo, but tonight both llamas are tethered close to their food and water and under the shelter until we can secure the fencing tomorrow when my husband gets home.

That took a good portion of the afternoon.  Go figure.  Llamas = troublemakers. 

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  1. Chasing animals outdoors when it's cold & you are sick is one of the worst homesteading activities I can think of. Glad you got them back & have neighbors to help.