Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raising Chicks

After so many failed attempts at incubating eggs, I bought a Brinsea Mini Advanced on recommendation of a friend.  The Brinsea is damn near fool-proof and I hatched out two batches of chicks (7 and 6) without much fuss.  One died a day later after the second hatch from unknown causes, but I think I can say the incubator is a success.

After losing 4 birds to various weird things, I popped more eggs in the incubator.  They're due to hatch in about 10 days.  Candled them all last night.  I suspect I have a blood ring on one, but rather than dump it, I'll hang onto it through hatch.  All the rest look good and viable.  I could even see movement, which was way cool.  If all come out except the one I'm thinking won't, it'll be 6 chicks this time.

Because I'm hatching in a Brinsea Mini, I have to pull the chicks out, or they'll never dry.  (Gets WAY too humid and crowded).  So far, hasn't affected hatches yet. 

Yesterday, I went to the local recycling home store to buy a "bunny prison" -- their term, not mine!  It is a pen that is 5 ft long by about 2 ft deep and 28 inches tall and only cost me $10.   It has a top that opens with hinges so you can feed, water, and play with the animals.  I moved the 6 week old chicks into that.  They're doing really well in it.

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