Sunday, October 2, 2011

Riding Horses

Well, well, well.  The day finally arrived where we brought the horses over to a training stable for a bit of riding.  Since we hadn't been on either horse, and seeing that I had not seen Scarlet in action, I figured the safest thing was to have a pro ride Scarlet and tell us what she knew or didn't.

The good news is that Scarlet is more or less harmless.  She's a follower trail horse that has not been fully trained.  Rein commands leave her puzzled, but she understands leg commands.  The trainer said she felt like Scarlet had been a kid's horse.  She know whoa really well and is more likely to be slow than fast.  Which is good because my husband is a novice rider. 

Scarlet is out of shape, too.  Basically, by the time the trainer, I and my husband rode her, she was lathered up and sweaty.   She needs working, which is fine.

Next, I put a hackamore on Rocket and climbed on board.  A hackamore wasn't the right choice as she felt like she had her head and insisted on trotting and cantering.  I had a snaffle bit put on and we tried again, and boy was Rocket a star.  I was in complete control, learning her sensitive reactions and taking her around barrels and to just about everywhere.  This horse is amazing.  She'd do darn near anything I asked, which means she's that good.  She a joy to ride. 

By the end, I felt as though the ride had come to an end too soon.  My star, Rocket, did wonderfully.  The trainers even commented how wonderful the horses looked and how good we had done.  Yep, I was feeling really good.

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