Monday, November 28, 2011

Midnight Visitors

A few nights ago, I was getting ready for bed around midnight and I noticed the outside security light was on.  As I looked down, I saw a young muley buck with just knobs for antlers grazing in the snow.  He was joined by a doe, two other youngsters, presumably does, another youngster and two adult does.  It seems they walked across my front yard, under my porch awning or up the driveway, and then up the stairs on the hill to go up.  I guessed that there was at least 7 deer in the herd.

A few days later, my husband noticed that they had made beds right on our front lawn and spent at least some of the night.

Oh if they only knew that three of their buddies were cooling their heels in my freezer!  Lucky for them, it was dark and we had maxed out our deer tags.

Sadly, our elk hunting had to be called off due to colds -- first my husband, and now me.  Oh well, three deer is still a good hunt.

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