Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Goose Whisperer

Okay, this is too funny.

Emden Geese from Feathersite.com
I found a woman who was giving away her Emden Geese because the geese were, well, geese.  Geese tend to be noisy, obnoxious, and aggressive to those who act fearful.  They can actually be pretty cool birds, but they are often misunderstood.  In other words, geese aren't for everyone.

I warned my husband when we went into town that we'd be picking up geese.  The lady who owned them, showed me that they were loose.  One of the geese came running up to me hissing and then ran away.  I said I was ready to get them, so while my husband got the crate, I walked slowly up to one of geese and quietly grasped it, stuck it under my arm, and popped it in the crate.  The other one wasn't as easy to catch as she went running off.  My husband cornered her and we caught her and put her in the crate.

The woman's young son asked me what company I was with.  I was confused as I hadn't told them I had a company.  I told him Sky Warrior Books.  He looked at me oddly.  No, not that company.  What ANIMAL training company was I with.

The woman quickly explained that her son had been watching Animal Planet about various animal trainers and assumed that I was something of a goose whisperer.

Goose Whisperer--who'd have thunk it?

We left with the two Emdens.  I also found out that a store I go to provides free organic food scraps for animals.  We picked up two boxes of fresh vegetable scraps and fed them to the birds when we got home.

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