Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Predators, Baby Goats, Horses and Gardens

Yesterday morning I heard a squawk and knew one of my roosters just fed the local wildlife.  It's not that I wanted that to happen, but I had a feeling that rooster was taking his chances by abandoning the pens.  A neighbor of mine had given me four roosters and I hadn't gotten around to sticking them in freezer camp.  This Easter Egger rooster had decided to be antisocial and wouldn't hang with the outside chickens.  He had been picking on my Barnevelder rooster who had been ill and I had treated him with antibiotic injections.  So, he carved out a kingdom outside the safety of the fence.  Hence I heard him get eaten.  When we moved the goats in the afternoon, I found his feathers, but no blood. 

Lisa, my pregnant doe kidded on the Sunday before Memorial Day.  She had a beautiful cream doeling and because she was so new at this, I had to help her deliver her baby.  I named her Missy after the Miscon convention we were going to that weekend.  One person at the convention said "I hope you washed your hands."  Yeah, you don't pull a doeling out of mom without cleaning up afterwards.

I've been meaning to plant a large garden, but ended up putting a bunch of plants into containers because I've been sick since Memorial Day Weekend.  To further complicate matters, my horse, Rocket, has been lame and we couldn't figure out what was causing it.  An expensive visit by the vet told us that she needed to be shod--she has tender feet.

Yesterday, we went riding since she got her new shoes-- and she became a different horse.  She still misbehaves but now wants to run everywhere.  I suspect I'll learn how she's really going to behave now that she has horseshoes on her feet.

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