Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gardening and Heat Waves

It's no secret that I hate the heat, so hearing that we were going to have 100 degree weather made me wish I were someplace else--like Antarctica.  Even so, my neighbor loaned me her rototiller and I set to work on my garden.

Until now, we really haven't had weather that would support a garden.  Cold and rainy.  Now it's hot and dry.  I still have a bunch of plants that need to go into the ground, but I got the main garden in.  Some notes as to what I planted:

Eggplant: I love eggplant, especially in Asian stir fry.  I put a whopping 6 Asian eggplants in.
Sweet peppers: 2 plants but I have one I still need to plant.
Tomatoes: 2 in the garden; 2 in containers.
Thyme: orange thyme (yum!).
Tomatillos: 4 of these.  Yes, I love salsa verde!
Cinnamon basil: Amazing stuff!  Planted 2.
Genovese basil: I have plants I still have to put in the ground.  I want pesto, dammit!!
Lettuce: romaine, butter, red leaf, and mixed varieties.  I don't know if they'll survive the heat.
Purple kale:  Surprisingly, this has been very hardy, despite my poor handling.
Cucumber: I've planted one pickle plant.  I haven't had good luck with these.  We'll see.
Strawberries: 8 everbearing types.  I'm hoping these guys with add to the group with runners.
Watermelon: I picked one up on sale.  No clue how it will do.
Zucchini: Yep, got to have one. 
Potatoes: I planted 8 seed potatoes.  We'll see if anything happens.

I added marigolds to the garden too, and I'll be planting nasturtiums to keep the pests down.  I found that the regular thyme and Greek oregano came up from two years ago, so I have those as well.

Container Garden:

Sugar snap peas
Beans (not sure what kind--got them as a plant)
Mint: Chocolate and ginger (yum!)
Tomatoes (see above)
Black Raspberry (I may plant this in the ground)
Tricolor Sage
Lemon balm

I still need to plant herbs and I have two other raspberry plants, including gold raspberry and heirloom raspberry.

What I didn't plant and why:

Carrots: I have trouble getting the buggers to grow.  Don't ask me.
Onions: Too warm to plant sets and husband can't eat it.
Garlic: Haven't gotten garlic bulbs to plant.  Will have to do that.
Radishes: Nobody likes them here.

What I would like to plant, but may be too late for them:

Bush beans

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