Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rude Goats

Bucks with horns like this one can be pretty dangerous.
The other day I went to see some bucks for sale.  I have two of Oreo's daughters that I'm keeping, which means I have to find a new buck to breed them to get milk from them.  This will be Oreo's third rut, which means he maybe has two more good years.

I looked around and found a possible buck.  He was even a LaMancha.  So, we went to look at him  with the thought of getting him.

He was huge and in rut.  Yes, Oreo is in rut, too, but not like this.  This buck had his horns and swung them around at me when he was annoyed.  He came across as what I would consider a dangerous goat -- if there can be such a thing.  It wasn't the bucky behavior -- it was the lack of respect for humans.

What made his behavior worse was that there were at least five other intact bucks running around loose along with several does in season.  Of course, the people didn't think that the younger bucks could breed their does (Oh, yes they can!) and the younger bucks were sure trying to.  I guess they didn't believe in wethering bucks that they wouldn't use for breeding.

My husband now looks at Oreo in a different light.  By comparison, Oreo is a gentleman.  Sure, he's bucky, but then, that's what he is.  And I'm not concerned that he's going to hurt me.

I was interested in one of her younger bucks, but they haven't called me back, so it may be just as well.

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