Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Welcome to an Updated Eating Wild Montana!

As they say in the advertisements: New Look!  I've been meaning to revamp the blog for some time,  
but hadn't had the time to do it.  But with the LocaCarnivore (our sister site) up and running with a spiffy format, this site needed a serious overhaul.  (By the way, while you're at it, do check out The LocaCarnivore and let me know what you think.)

Ewww, Bugs!

First, I'll admit that there's going to be some bugs somewhere. No matter how careful I am, it's bound to happen.  Two I know of, which I'll be fixing in the next couple of days, but I'm sure something else will crop up.  On the other hand, this new format is more flexible and modern, which means it's in a hopefully a more reader-friendly format. 

The two bugs have to do with comments and social networking.  I need to update the links on both.  But have no fear, I'll be doing that very soon.  Stay tuned...


You may notice that we have advertisers!  Yay!  They're affiliates, so if you see something you're interested in, please go through the links and make a purchase.  You'll not only be buying some cool stuff, but you'll also be supporting this website and keeping it up and running.  That will enable me giving you the best possible content.  If you have an ad blocker, I'd ask that you turn it off for this site. The ads aren't obnoxious (no sound, no popups, and no moving gifs) like some ads, so if you do turn off the ad blocker, you might just see something you might like on a rather static link.  If you don't purchase, that's okay, too.

Watch for My Newsletter!

In the upcoming weeks, I'll be setting up Mailchimp to send out a nice newsletter.  The newsletter will deliver content right to your mailbox, so you don't have to check out Eating Wild Montana every day for new content.  Of course, your information will be private and won't ever be sold, and I'll never spam you.  Because I use Mailchimp, it's a snap to subscribe and unsubscribe. 

So, watch this blog for some really exciting changes.

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