Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Homestead Corner: Latest Winter Preparations

I've decided to try writing a homestead piece summarizing what I did the following week to prepare for winter.

  • Picked feral oregano and dried it in the dehydrator.
  • Picked feral thyme and dried it in the dehydrator.
  • Made chokecherry "soda" and canned it for later use.
  • Began drying off the goats.
  • Dried carrots and mushrooms.  
  • Hung up catnip to dry.
  • Bagged dill to dry.
Other things that have already been done:
  • Made 7 1/2 pints of dill pickles.
  • Made 7 jars of green salsa.
  • Made 7 quarts of tomato sauce.
  • Dried strawberry and ginger mint.
  • Made kale chips.
  • Harvested chokecherries.
  • Harvested elderberries.

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