Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Making Ginger Tea [Recipe]

I discovered a very tasty tea that is simple to make and oh so delicious, you'll just have to try it.  It's ginger tea with brown sugar.  Ah ha!  Got you there with the brown sugar part, didn't I?  Anyway it's so simple that you can make it anytime you need something without caffeine.  As a bonus, ginger helps with an upset stomach and acid reflux, so I'm thinking in the evening it is going to be my go-to beverage.

The photo above is ginger tea without brown sugar.  The brown sugar adds not only a wonderful sweetness reminicent of gingerbread (how can you go wrong with this?) but it also give it a lovely caramel color that mimics black tea.  I don't know about you, but I am put off by tisanes that look watery, which ginger tea unfortunately does.

Where I Got the Recipe

I stumbled upon the recipe on Hubpages after my rosehips tea got bumped up to their professional sites.  The writer mentioned that this is a popular Asian drink, so I filed it in the back of my head to try making some sometime.  Then, the other night the book I was reading mentioned ginger tea again.  I knew I had to try it.

Now, the writer on Hubpages uses a lot more water and a lot less sugar. My thoughts are you can vary it according to taste.  You can even add other things, like cinnamon or lemon, but I'm thinking that this tea is excellent by itself.

You'll need fresh ginger root for this.  You can find fresh ginger root in the grocery story in the produce section.  You won't need a lot for tea -- maybe a root section about the size of your palm will give you enough ginger for several cups. 

Ginger Tea with Brown Sugar Recipe

What You'll Need:

1/8 cup of ginger root sliced into sections.  Remove skin, if desired.
24 ounces of water, plus extra if some boils off.
1 to 3 tsps of brown sugar per serving (to taste).


Lemon slices
Cinnamon sticks


  1. Boil water on stove and add ginger root.  
  2. Add cinnamon stick (optional).
  3. Continue to boil for about 3 to 5 minutes until the water has turned yellow.
  4. Pour ginger tea into 12 ounce mugs.
  5. Add brown sugar and stir.  
  6. Add lemon slices, (optional), if desired.  Makes two 12 ounce servings.
That's it!  I'm enjoying a cup while I type this.   Let me know if you've had ginger tea before.

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