Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to Eating Wild Montana!

Welcome to my newest blog, Eating Wild Montana.  I wish I had a decent reason for creating this blog, except I noticed that there are a number of blogs about eating local, eating on only $15 a day, not eating out, etc, and the thought popped into my mind that maybe I should talk about eating not only local food, but food that I get from gardening, raising animals and, yes, hunting and fishing. 

I'm an unrepentant hunter and fisher-person.  I hunt for food, not because the antlers look good in my study.  Venison and elk are leaner than farm-raised meat and good for you.  I also eat bison for the same reason.  The meat is better than beef, healthier and in the case of hunting, easier on the pocketbook, than beef. 

Right now, it's cold and windy, but the Farmers' Markets will soon be here in Western Montana.  I'm going to talk about those, the poultry I'm raising, and what I'm doing to keep costs down here in the Wilds of Montana.  And if I'm still blogging come hunting season, you'll hear about that too -- with appropriate warnings, as required.

The problem I see today is that people have lost touch with their food production.  It's ridiculously easy to buy a bag of chips and a soda, which has virtually no nutritional value.  Instead, I'm looking to save money growing, raising, hunting and cooking my own food as well as eat better. 

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not into self-deprivation here.  But you will see that you don't have to deprive yourself to become more self-sufficient. 

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