Monday, July 5, 2010

Bargain Day in Missoula

Today was bargain day. I went to town because I had to purchase food. I first went to the bakery outlet where you can buy a whole cart of expired bakery products for $6 that’s specially cut and mashed for animal feed. The chickens are going to eat well! The clerk offered me three carts, but honestly, I don’t have the room and it filled up the back of my SUV.

Then, I went to the garden store where I had $7 off in coupons. It gives 50% off per coupon up to $1, so with my 7, I got to buy $14 worth of plants for a mere $7. To top that off, the tomato and squash plants (including pumpkin) were a mere 4 plants for $1. I’ve got plenty of tomato plants now, but I figure I can plant the squash over by the west window where I’ve planted summer squash. I’m not a big winter squash fan, but I’ve tasted some soups that are pretty darn good. And I like pumpkin, so I think I’m going to try my hand at that. I bought 4 squash/pumpkin, 2 lilac sweet peppers, 1 lavender, and 4 steel plant supports. Cost was $7 and some change. Awesome!

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