Monday, March 4, 2013

Goat Kiddings This Week!

Annie's Kids
This past week we had three goat kiddings!  The first was Annie who surprised me on February 25th with three adorable mini-goats. All girls.  When I went to care for her in the crate, I heard little maaa maaa! coming from the barn.  They were all wet and still had their umbilical cords hanging.  So, I tied off the cords, trimmed them, dipped them in iodine.  Then I bundled the babies up and brought them inside to warm up.  Once dry, I brought them back to mom.  Annie is a great mom!

On February 27th in the wee hours of the morning, Belle had her kids.  Two girls: Mocha and Splash.  They were wet and cold with Belle and Heidi staring at them.  Belle had a congested udder which caused so much pain that she wouldn't take care of them.  So, her kids came inside to dry and are bottle babies for the moment.

Belle's Kids
Today, March 3rd, Heidi kidded. This one was difficult.  She had her first baby, a buckling, but her second was malpositioned and was stuck in breech.  I had to go in, reposition him, and pull him out.  No, it wasn't pleasant.  Yes, there was a lot of screaming from Heidi.  He died earlier in the canal.  The next kid was breech too, so I had to reposition him and get him out.  This time, he was alive.  So she had two live boys and one dead boy.  They seem to be doing fine.  I'll post their pictures soon!

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