Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Surprise! There's a Kid!

So, Lisa and Lulu, my two Saanens haven't been showing signs of imminent kidding. I figured they were due to kid sometime very late March or even April. Lulu sure didn't look that big... Today while I was milking does and feeding everyone, I noticed that Lulu looked a little bony (first clue). She also was making odd low noises (second clue). I looked at her back end. Didn't see any discharge and left her in the pen with the others.

An hour later, my DH comes home and runs to the door. He's afraid our blonde buckling, Mika, is hurt and can't stand up. I go down to the barn. He notices something strange about the kid--it has EARS--Mika is a LaMancha.

I walk into the pen and see a cute little Saanen doeling in the mud with both Lisa and Lulu staring at it. Lulu has a bag of afterbirth coming from her. Okay, then. I pick the kid off the soggy ground and bring her into the barn. I lead Lulu there and put them in the kid pen. I then go to the house to get towels, iodine, dental floss and scissors. My DH is relieved this is a new girl and not an injured buckling. We dry the doeling off and have Lulu take care of her while I give Lulu some hay and grain.

Well, that was different! It's supposed to get cold again tonight, so I've closed the barn. I'll take the youngest kids and put them in a dog crate for the night. After that, we'll have to sort out arrangements for Lulu and her baby. I'll get pictures tonight or tomorrow. Lisa still has to kid. She's much bigger. I suspect twins.

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