Friday, July 16, 2010

Just Ducky!

I found an ad on Missoula Freecycle with two ducks. The person giving them away wasn't sure of the breed, but with the help of the people on the Backyard Chickens Forum, we were able to discern that they were Rouen ducks.  They're females and purportedly lay eggs.  Duck eggs are quite edible and I've used them in baking and even eating (good with stir fry rice).  Here are the two girls:

I'm thinking of naming them Millie and Tillie.  The names just popped into my head, so that may be their names.  The one in the foreground would be Millie.  Tillie has a smaller and thinner neck.

If you take a look at the duck below on the right, you can see this is Millie, because she's wider and thicker all around.  Tillie is smaller and lighter, and a little more skittish, probably because they belonged to a flock that had been hunted by a fox.  These two are survivors.

Tillie is the duck on the left.  You can really get a good view of the teal coloring on her wings.  Rouens aren't known to be particularly good egg layers (they were developed for meat), but these girls do lay and I promised they wouldn't go in the pot, so they're hanging out, getting used to their surroundings.  Eventually, I'll have them join the geese.

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