Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rooster Don Juans, Hot and Sour Soup and Cranberry Salad

The other day, I heard a really odd noise coming from the barn.  Sort of an "urr-urrr-urrrrrh."  I listened and heard it several times.  It seems the evil tempered Crooked Toes, the rooster, has found his voice.

I have two roos.  One is Crooked Toes, because, well, he has some sort of foot deformity, but that doesn't stop him from running around, roosting, or pecking on every chicken.  The other rooster, named Robbie the Rooster, seems to be far milder in manners.  Right now, they both seem to get along.

What's more, now Crooked Toes seems to think he's Don Juan and can woo any hen he wants by jumping on her back.  (No gentle sweet nothings or even a rooster dance).  The hens find this a little too aggressive and have fled at the amorous attempts.  We shall see if Crooked Toes will be going to freezer camp a little early.

On another note, I made my hot and sour soup but used chicken broth instead of beef broth.  It's still awesomely wonderful, of course, and is good for lunch and several meals.  I also made my Cranberry Orange-Almond Salad, sans the oranges and had that as part of a dinner.  Click on the links above to get the recipes.

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