Monday, August 2, 2010

An Egg! An Egg!

It finally happened!  MIFChick, who is my most mature hen of the group, gave me a welcome home present!  An egg!  Not a huge egg, but a blue smallish egg.  It was well-formed with a nice shell and sitting in the corner. 

Young chickens, known as pullets, will lay small "test" eggs before producing bigger eggs in the size we're used to.  Her other buddies, Ginger, MaryAnn (yeah, named for Gilligan's Island) and Percher are all pretty psyched.  The loopy leghorns are also making dinosaur noises, so I should expect to see white eggs too in the near future.  The brown egg layers are making noises too, so I suspect we'll see some eggs in their pen. 

MIFChick will continue to produce blue eggs because that's her egg color.  Chickens won't change colors of their eggs, so a brown egg layer will  lay brown eggs; a green egg layer will lay green eggs.

On another note, I've discovered why Crooked Toes, the rooster doesn't crow much.  The barred rock hen  (who is getting the name,  Enforcer) hates crowing.  She goes right after Crooked Toes if he crows and pecks him.  She gives him the ugly velociraptor impression, raising her hackles and launching at him.  It's really funny to watch.

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