Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eggs from MIFChick

Too much excitement -- or maybe EGG-citement, as the case may be.  This morning, I went down to the coop and MIFChick was pacing around to find a nest and sounding very upset.  I came back up to the house and later, when I came back down I saw an egg bigger than the extra-large eggs I bought at the store.  Wow, no wonder MIFChick was upset!  She had to feel better after laying that.  Poor girl -- she suffers for her art.

MIFChick's giant egg left--the brown is an X-Large for comparison
MIFChick has produced 4 pullet eggs and one normal sized (well, giant, actually) egg.  Yesterday, I scrambled up the eggs and had them for breakfast.  They were yummy. 
MIFChick is what is typically called an Easter Egger, which is a mutt bird that most people incorrectly call an Ameraucana or an Araucana (both are established breeds).  Easter Eggers can lay all sorts of colors, which makes them popular among enthusiasts because the color is a novelty.  Ameraucanas and Araucanas lay blue or green eggs.  MIFChick obviously has the blue gene and is laying blue eggs, which is very cool.  If you're wondering about the purple on her feathers, as a chick, the geese harassed her and pulled out her tail feathers.  I put some blue stuff on (that keeps chicks from picking on the skin) and it's still on some of her feathers.  She'll eventually grow back tail feathers, which is okay for now.  So far, as far as I can tell, MIFChick is the only chicken laying.  I thought maybe Percher was laying, but if she is, she isn't doing it with the frequency of MIFChick. 
MIFChick's pullet eggs -- X-Large store eggs are on the right

As you can see from the four pullet eggs on the left, they're smaller than my store-bought ones.  Young chickens will lay several "test" eggs before laying eggs of a normal size.  Even so, the pullet eggs are just fine. These are the eggs I scrambled up for breakfast yesterday.

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