Friday, August 13, 2010

Poultry Articles and Egg Update

 For those of you who don't know -- and for those of you who do -- I write articles as part of my "day job" to make money.  These articles are totally free for you to view and it would please me if you would click on them and take a look.  I do get paid per click, if you need extra incentive.  Post them and pass them along, if you feel the urge.

Free Poultry Articles
Waiting for that First Egg from Your Chickens

Low Cost Ideas for Chicken Nests

Feeding Wild Ducks

Feeding Broiler Chickens

How to Build an Outdoor Free-Range Shelter for Turkeys

Percher and One of the Barred Rocks
Today, I caught Percher, a second Easter Egger, in the act of laying.  She was lying down in one of my cheap nest boxes and I slid my hand underneath to see if she laid an egg.  She didn't.  I removed my hand and she stood up slightly and I heard a plop!  Then, there it was: her first-ever egg!  It, too, is a light greenish-blue like MIFChick's eggs.  When I came back from town, I found MIFChick sitting on her own egg.  So, now I have two egg layers.

I suspect that my next egg layers will be Ginger, a golden-laced Easter Egger and Enforcer and Watcher, my two Barred Rock gals who are acting like they're going to lay. Both chickens were supposed to be black sex links, but when I realized they were barred (technically a barred black sex link is a rooster), I thought I had roosters.  Then, when they were old enough, I had some other chicken owners look at the pictures and they confirmed Watcher and Enforcer were Barred Plymouth Rock pullets and not roosters.  For a while, I thought Enforcer might be a rooster in disguise, but her current behavior is all hen, not rooster, and she doesn't have the rooster saddle feathers.  I know I'll be getting eggs from her.

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