Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Fat Goose Eggs, Turkey Eggs, Llamas and Leaping Lizards

Today, I discovered that Louise the Toulouse had a clutch of eggs!  The sneaky goose dug a hole in the wood chips, laid the eggs and then covered them with wood chips, so I didn't catch the first egg.  But today I saw the clutch of two and whisked those eggs off to the refrigerator.  I am delighted I have a mated pair and excited because now I can raise goslings!  (Evil laugh here!)

I've been harvesting the turkey eggs and the other day I grew bold and actually scrambled one up.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  They are good.  Really good.  Like better than a chicken egg.  They taste a lot like chicken eggs only richer and yummier.  What a surprise!

Both my husband and I really like Sid the llama and we're thinking now about getting a llama buddy for him.  Tomorrow, I am looking at a possible llama buddy.  I hope this guy will work out.

We've been working on walking Sid and getting him used to both of the Malamutes as well as getting him used to being touched.  He's very skittish still, but today I got him to let me touch his ears.  Major milestone here!  He usually freaks out when people try to touch his ears, but I managed to get him to let me touch them and even rub them.  Wow, major trust there.  He and I went round and round about it and he threw a little llama tantrum, but he eventually let me do it.  And no, he didn't even spit.

On one of our walks, Haegl the Malamute discovered a lizard or salamander.  He tried to play with it (like he tries to make friends with darn near anything) and the lizard freaked out and left its tail.  It was pretty weird seeing a tail whipping back and forth, but we got Haegl away from the lizard and went on our walk.

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