Friday, October 1, 2010

Sid and Haegl

Today we decided if Sid was going to pack with us, he'd have to get introduced to the Malamute gang.  We figured that the best dog to introduce to Sid would be Haegl, who loves darn near everyone and everything.  He's still a Malamute, which means he's very much a toned-down predator, but still has a lot of prey drive in him.  Sid, unfortunately, is prey in the minds of such animals, but Sid has a few things going for him.  1.  He is unafraid and doesn't act like a prey animal.  2.  He will spit if provoked.  3.  He will stomp and kick if really threatened.  (He's a big sweetie to humans, though).

The photo here is of Haegl packing.  He's really the sweetest dog around.  Unfortunately, I couldn't use the camera today as I need to buy more batteries for the camera.  I'll take pictures when I'm able.

Not surprisingly, Haegl did okay with Sid.  He barked a few times and even tried to nip a bit, but with a few easy corrections, Haegl went into work mode and began walking with us and Sid.  Sid, he reckons, is some very odd critter that is part of the pack.  Haegl at first investigated Sid's desire to eat grass with great intensity -- Haegl thought Sid was eating something he might want.  So Haegl went looking through the grass for food and finding none, felt like this was all some cruel joke.  In the end, they walked side-by-side with us, Haegl giving up the urge to nip or bark at Sid.

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