Friday, October 8, 2010

Turkey Hens, Baby Chicks and Elderberries

Well, it's official.  Thanksgiving Tom is actually Thanksgiving Henrietta.  She laid a whopping big egg yesterday and while the other birds pecked a hole in the shell, I took it anyway and showed it to my husband. The dogs enjoyed the egg.  Tonight, she laid another egg, but the schizoid rooster of the bunch ran over it and cracked it.  So, the dogs get another egg.  The schizoid roo is going to be put out of my misery tomorrow.  He has been running back and forth along the pen that separates them from the geese and the geese are trying to pluck him.  He then stuffs his head under the space of the pen's corner and thinks he's getting out.  Sigh.  Other than damaging the eggs and annoying the heck out of all the other birds, I think he's pretty worthless.  He's skinny too, which makes me wonder if he'll even make soup.


On another note, I have had two Easter Egger chicks hatch.  I took a video of them in the incubator.  Yes, they're mighty cute, and yes, I'm lousy at recording video, but there you go.  The Xs on the eggs are to let me know which side is up when I'm turning them.

On another note, it's elderberry time.  Out here in Montana, we have many elder trees and the berries are said to be very good for you.  There have been studies that suggest elderberries may help flu symptoms.  I've been picking elderberries to make syrup, but you need a lot of elderberries and evidently, elders around here don't live long. 

It's kind of interesting that there are some very old myths about the elder trees.  For one thing, in English and Scandinavian myths, it is very bad luck to chop down an Elder tree without some sort of incantation because a spirit called the Elder Mother lives within the tree.  The Elder trees are associated with the Elven folk and, while I believe none of this, I've still forbade my husband from chopping down any Elders.  (After all, even I won't tempt fate).  Besides, why chop down a useful tree?

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