Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tea, Anyone?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love tea.  I'm really a tea snob too, preferring loose tea over bagged tea.  I'm one of those people who love black and flavored tea, with some oolong thrown in for good measure.  I've tried to like green tea, but I think it's often more suited to what Sid likes than what I actually drink.

I'm a fan of Adagio tea -- and I won't lie to you: I'm an affiliate, but only because I like their tea so much.  You may notice the signature blends I've made and also check out the teas they have on site. Now, before you faint over the cost, let's put it in perspective:

  1. Loose tea is real tea.  The tea that is sold in teabags is called "finings" and they're basically the swept up leftovers after the leaves are processed. 
  2. You use less leaves than teabags, thus making it cost efficient.
  3. You're paying for the leaves, not the packaging and processing to get the tea bags.
  4. Loose tea is reusable.  You can make several tasty pots of tea before you need to throw the leaves out.
  5. You can easily compost tea leaves.
While Adagio tea isn't organic (and don't get upset about this!), the reality is that organic tea isn't the same high quality as "regular" tea.  If you're concerned over pesticides and whatnot on tea, do what I do -- a flash rinse of the tea with boiling water before brewing.  

Tea is remarkably healthy and full of antioxidants.  Even black tea has some very healthy properties.  So, to your health!

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