Friday, September 10, 2010

Eggs for Sale, Cold Frames and Markets

Now that the chickens are getting into the swing of laying eggs, I'm going to have to sell some.  I eat a fair amount of eggs, but I'm getting about 8 eggs a day, which means they're surplus.  I'm thinking of putting up a sign at the local gas station and market as well as bring some eggs by the veterinarians.  Who knows?  Maybe they'll subtract those eggs to my bill.  If you live in or around Missoula and want fresh eggs, let me know.

Decided to try making Welsh cakes today but made them with barley flour.  They are very sweet and even a little crumbly, which made them a tasty breakfast treat. 

Cold Frame on Vegetable Gardener
The weather is now a bit on the cool side and I'm thinking about planting something in the cold frames.  After having been sick for a while, I haven't done a lot.  But I need to get some stuff planted if I want fresh herbs and veggies in the fall/winter.

Tomorrow is the Farmer's Market.  I'm looking forward to that.

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