Monday, September 6, 2010

Peachy Keen

I've been sick with an ear infection and had to play catch up on work today, so I found myself staring at some peaches from the farmer's market that were doomed to die an unnatural death.  Rather than let that happen, I figured I could whip together a peach crumble that would be a tasty breakfast treat as well as a pick-me-up dessert. Problem is, it's nearly 2 am.  But alas and alack, that has never stopped me before. 

So, I'm sitting here writing my blog while I wait for the crumble.  And while you folks may point out that the picture here is a peach cobbler and not a crumble, oh well.  It's peach, isn't it? 

The second egg hatch didn't go as well as the first one.  I did get a chick from it -- a Blue Orpington - but the others are sitting in the incubator.  More or less just sitting.  I figure they're dead, but I might as well keep them in there for the next couple of days to see if any pip.  If they do, that's great.  If not, I've wasted only time and a little energy.  I'm really disappointed that none of the second batch of French Black Copper Marans hatched.  I suspect shipping or lack of fertilization caused them to not hatch.  If it was solely my handling, then I wouldn't have gotten the chicks I did.  I won't buy from that source again.  The Blue Orpington was actually a replacement for a smashed egg from the breeder, so I think I lucked out getting it to hatch.

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