Monday, September 27, 2010

Llamas, Turkey Eggs and Farmer's Markets

Sometimes you come across something free that's hard to resist.  And who can resist that face?  Meet Sid, my "free" llama.  The woman who got my refrigerator asked if I wanted a free llama because she didn't want to feed him during the winter.  He was the odd critter out in her horse herd and basically doing nothing.  So, I took him.

He's a trained pack llama and despite needing a good brush and a shave next spring, and being on the thin side, he's a cool beast.  He hasn't been handled by people a lot, but I got far with him yesterday and today, getting him to accept me touching him all over and even getting him to pick up his front feet for me.  He's in his glory packing, so I took him for a walk and used commands and he was very good.  I'm going to use him for packing, in case you were wondering.

On another note, I got my Merriam turkey eggs today!  Merriam turkeys are a type of wild turkey and one we have here in Montana.  I checked the regs and I'm good as long as I don't let them range with the wild turkeys.  That's easy enough -- a separate pen and I'm good.  I'm hoping to hatch out the four of them.

I've discovered I really like the turkey personality.  Currently Thanksgiving Tom is my only turkey and well, you can guess what date with destiny he has.  The Merriams would be a welcome addition to the flock.

All this eclipsed the market, of course.  And yet, I was able to get peaches, honeycrisp apples, melons, strawberries, cheese, butter, bison, carrots, kale, onions, salad mix, tomatoes, peppers and other yummy things.  Gosh, I wish the market would never end -- but the last day is October 23rd.


  1. Nice addition to your homestead! Nicer that he was free...right before winter seems like the best time to acquire Free livestock. It is ducks on our CraigsList this week...khaki campbells...if they are not drakes I am thinking to add a few more. A friend of mine just got 5 nigerian dwarf goats free...4 of them does.

  2. Oooh! I would love some Khaki Campbells! The goats would be cool too.

    It's so sad that people want to get rid of their animals in the fall because they don't want to feed them through the winter. This is really the time for us to get animals free because of it. I'm really delighted with him. He's going to make an excellent addition when we go hunting and packing.