Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Buck!

We had no intention hunting on Monday as we decided it needed to be town day.  But sometimes life throws you something you didn't prepare for.

I was still in bed when husband decided to put Haegl outside.  When he opened up the back door, he saw a doe.  Now, we don't have doe tags, but he told me to get up and get dressed because maybe there'd be a buck with the doe.  He got my rifle and got some binoculars and went outside to scout. 

He comes into the house and grabs me.  I barely have time to toss my crocs on my feet.  "There's a buck..."

Okay.  So we go out and just behind our land on state land is the buck.  I take a shot and he's down.  Crocs this year; slippers two years ago.  Go figure.

The butcher, when he heard I got the deer in my crocs said "That is so Montana."

The buck was a pretty small mule deer, barely a fork.  But he had enough antler to make him legal.  The doe he was hanging out with was a whitetail, which made us wonder about that.  I had the butcher remove the antlers so I could try mounting them by myself.  If they work, I'll mount my husband's fork antlers.

We had the tenderloins that night.  OMG, they were good.

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