Friday, November 5, 2010

Musical Birds

The current brood of larger chicks, which consist mostly of Marans and one lone Splash Orpington are showing serious impatience in the dog crate.  So, rather than feel sorry for them, I popped them into the introduction crate and put them in the pen where the Easter Eggers and Buff Orpingtons are.  They're staying in there for a week and then, I'll open the crate and they'll mingle. 

It probably helps that at least two are roosters.  The Black Copper Marans and the Cuckoo Marans are most definitely roos.  After looking at the Blue Splash Orpington, I can't say for sure what her sex is, but I'm assuming girl.  The Blue Marans is definitely a female. 

The plan is to put the Marans with the Easter Eggers and produce Olive Eggers plus produce more Marans.  If the Orpington is a boy, I'll need to separate him out and put him in with the brown egg layers.  If not, she can stay with the current brood.

My current Buffs (a BO and a BO cross) will go into the pen next door if the Blue Splash is a boy. 

In the meantime, I need to move the birds out of the turkey pen so we have pen panels for the new llama.  Yes, I am hitting my head.

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