Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moose on the Loose

This is a repost from my Livejournal Account

Monday I got my buck after being roused from bed by husband because a small group of deer showed up in the State Land behind our land.  I would've been wearing my slippers to get my buck except I needed new ones and so ended up shooting the deer wearing Crocs.  But they were camouflaged Crocs, so that kind of counts, doesn't it? 

So, with both of us having our deer tags filled, we've focused on getting elk.  But those are ridiculously elusive critters and not easy to find.  We went to another area we hunt and looked around.  We found mule deer, an elk carcass and a moose.

A moose?  Yep.  I saw a critter halfway down the hill and thought maybe elk.  We both put our binoculars on the critter in question and I declared he wasn't brow-tined and his antlers were wrong.  Husband declared brow-tined but something wasn't right.  We continued to look and that's when he announced "it's a bull moose."

I couldn't believe it, but looking at him through the binoculars, I made out the head proper and noted, yes, indeed, we spied Bullwinkle taking a nap.  The moose wasn't at all concerned about us and was happy to lay there and watch us as we watched it.  It was dark chocolate brown in color and had an enormous rack.  I've seen only one other moose in my life and that was a cow moose that jumped in front of my sled dog team and took off down the trail.  My husband has seen two other moose besides the ones I've seen, so his moose sightings are four while mine are two.  By comparison, I've seen elk and deer more times than I can count (except during hunting season!) and I've even seen mountain lions more than moose.  Since neither of us had a moose tag, we waved at the moose and continued hunting.  We saw him several times while passing on the same trail, and again, he wasn't particularly concerned.

Moose are notoriously ill-tempered and dangerous, despite their ungainly and comical looks.  Mushers have no desire to run into moose with their teams as these creatures will stomp dog teams.  So, I was thankful that this moose seemed happy to stay where he was and I was happy to see him and leave him in peace.

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