Friday, November 12, 2010

Knitting Project and Pinto Beans

I've wanted to make venison chili for months now and now that I have venison, by god, I decided to make venison chili.  I usually make chili with three beans, pinto, black and red, which would horrify my Texan sister who states emphatically that chili does not have beans. 

Nevertheless, I am not from Texas -- I am here in Montana.  And by god, it's my chili and I'll put in beans if I want to... (Wasn't that a song?)

The problem I ran into was the cost of a can of organic chili beans.  Paying nearly $3 is not a cost savings.  So, I went to the dried bulk aisle and looked at the dried beans.  Now, I have a confession here.  I don't recall using dried beans except when all hope was lost and I couldn't buy canned beans.  I don't recall my mom using dried beans either.  So, I took the "how to prepare bulk beans" information sheet and bought pinto beans only because I didn't want to work too hard and try to mix three beans.

After reading "soak overnight," I figured that soaking for most of the day was best and then cooking them for 2 hours.  I made 2 cups, which ended up being more than I needed, so I froze the rest, so if I need to add beans to something, I can just add them frozen. 

After realizing that I'm not going to be purchasing more shearling slippers anytime soon and having my "new" ones blow out, I started knitting my own slippers.  I'm part way done and today I went to Walmart for some meds for my dogs (they sell prescription meds cheap) and went over to the shoe area.  Sure enough, they had cheap ($12) slippers that I figured would get me through the next few months.  I hate buying stuff made in China, but damn.  I just can't afford to blow a lot of money on things.

I've been looking at probably making some presents this year.  I've wondered what why family will think of that, but maybe I shouldn't worry so much. As I said, I've started knitting again, which is good.  Maybe it won't be sidelined by the arthritis.


  1. My mom never used dried beans much either, but I make them all the time. I cook up a whole pound or two, then divide them up into little containers with the juice and put them in the freezer. They keep well and taste better than canned.

    I didn't know you knit! I crochet. I try to make presents every year too but more often than not I don't get started soon enough and resort to baking cookies and fudge for everyone. Though I've never had any complaints on that. :D


  2. Freezing beans is a really good idea. I think I'll try to do this more.

    I used to knit and crochet when I was younger but arthritis really has caused problems. Still, I figure, what the heck? Make some presents this year. Knitting is good. I'm not as good with a crochet hook, but you haven't seen my knitting either!