Friday, November 19, 2010

Sid the Llama Update

Like many of my animals, Sid the llama evidently has his own fan club.  I was actually asked where my biweekly posts about Sid were, so for you looking for your llama fix, here's what's been happening with Sid.

I was going to get another llama, but due to logistics, I couldn't make it happen.  The llama in question was still intact and rather squirrelly and the owner somehow couldn't get anyone to take him here even though she had a horse trailer and was hinky about us borrowing it.  Long story short, I decided against this llama and am still looking for another one as a buddy for Sid. 

We had extended the fencing on the back of the barn, so now Sid has a bigger run.  It's set up to subdivide so we can introduce another llama slowly. 

I have taken Sid's halter off.  This is a major accomplishment because yes, I can put it back on -- with a bit of annoying behavior on his part.  He'll stick his back end at you and raise his head when you loop your arm around him to halter him.  Snot.  He'll come for llama lunch and eat out of your hand, though. 

His weight gain has me relieved.  He's still a bit thin, but not so skinny he'd freeze to death.  He has muscle on his legs instead of toothpicks!  I caught him lying out in the rain and snow, even though  he has a nice shelter.  He even had snow on his back.  Feeling his sides under the coat, he was warm and dry.

When I feed the chickens, he'll peer in the barn and make grunting noises at me.  I swear, he's saying "where's my llama lunch?"

Because it's hunting season and we have a bunch of people hunting on their land, I wear hunter orange when I walk Sid and I keep to the road.  It's marginally safer than taking him into state lands.

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