Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Missing Grouse, Dead Chickens and Revamped Llama Pens

Tuesday morning we spent rearranging the llama pen since I may be getting a new bud for Sid.  We widened the pen and then split it down the middle, putting Sid in the bigger pen.  He is very happy with his new digs.

Since it took us until about 1:30 to finish the pens, we decided to go grouse hunting again.  We went to the same place where we got our grouse, found grouse nests and what not, but no grouse.  After looking around and walking around, we got in the car empty handed and went home.

The bad news is one of my injured chickens died tonight sometime between 5 and 9 pm.  I think she ended up getting egg bound because of her injuries and couldn't lay her egg.  Or maybe she was just too injured to survive.  I'm keeping an eye on the other one who is in better shape.  We'll see.

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